The natural environment has been an intrinsic part of my childhood memories, which is a starting point in my exploration of the experience of identity that oscillates between the past and the ever becoming of the present moment. The edges of conscious perception soften, giving way to what might seem subconscious or beyond our current awareness. The notion of inherited memories or emotions is being juxtaposed with the alchemical process of painting, where the sense of control over forms and colours continually evolve and shift. The tension between shadows and electric colours, fluidity of forms and the ambiguous settings reflect this uncertainty as a state of mind, that render a dream like realm. The compositions, which initially are collaged from family photographs and a personal archive, create transitory moments within spaces, that merge the elements of landscape, body parts and man – made structures.

Do we belong to where we came from or where we are going? Living, moving and navigating between countries had become an impulse to question my experience of time, memory and body within a physical space. The movement in – between places, both literal and psychological, is signalled by the nomadic nature of abstracted forms that are in contrast with the figurative elements – the ‘anchors’. Never fully being one thing, but through wavering and un – becoming, the familiar parts of the paintings hold both the notions of hope and loss, that reinforce the importance and the weight of un – knowing, both within the creative process, as well as in the relationship between the self and the other.