By taking my perception of the natural environment as a starting point in exploration of identity, I create paintings that evoke transitory moments within spaces that merge the elements of landscape, body parts and man – made structures. These sceneries seem to be never settled, as though the are in a constant transformation. Influenced by the ideas of inherited memories, the subconscious and primordial realities, I explore the ambiguity of embodied perception within compositional narratives, where the self fluctuates between the past and the continuous state of becoming of the present moment.

Living, moving and navigating between countries had become an impulse to question my experience of time, memory and body within a physical space. Do we belong to where we came from or where we are going? By carefully deconstructing imagery of family photographs, where nature predominates, painting allows me to explore this uncertainty as a state of mind, which triggers a detachment from the initial meaning. The movement in – between places, both literal and psychological, is signaled by the nomadic nature of abstracted forms that are in contrast with the figurative elements – the ‘anchors’.

The intuitive process and the gesture of mark making allows me to trace thoughts and go back to what was first and perhaps never fully experienced. The line between the 'emptiness' and the edges of shapes suggest the spheres of our knowledge that are not fully formed and moments when memories are not yet recognized and before sensory experiences and reasoning start shaping them. 

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