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I search for a language to explore impermanence and non-material. The process of transforming through painting is an enquiry into ambiguity and symbolism - becoming familiar with the hidden, the uncertain and the uncontrollable. I'm interested in opposites, such as hope and loss, the tension between them, and how these conflicting yet harmonising notions influence the painting process and composition – leading to dissolving or stillness of forms. Shifting between awareness and the subconscious, I wrestle with memories that slip my control and with knowledge that exists beyond my senses.
I’m drawn to cool colour palettes, which echo the nocturnal moods of the natural environment where I grew up. My compositions merge elements of nature, interiors and body details, retaining traces of personal photography, found images and drawings made intuitively – these documented moments collide with inner experiences. The organic forms merge elements of both still life and landscape, alluding to the symbiosis and exchange between the dead organic matter and the living. Never being fully one thing or another, but constantly evolving, these new memory landscapes evoke a sense of longing and nostalgia, which prompts me to question the hierarchies of the outer and inner realms.

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