Artist statement

I evoke fleeting personal moments. These landscapes and sceneries seem to be never settled, as though they are in a constant transformation. Forms turn into mountains, the figure becomes a glacier, hair resembles a frozen nocturnal waterfall. In relation to the primordial states of memory, the process of mark making allows me to trace thoughts and give meaning to what was first and what was never fully experienced. As we naturally find comfort in knowledge my work aims to encourage reasoning that engages with the hypothetical and perhaps not fully comprehensible.  

What is more accurate - is it what happened, what is now, or what is going to be? Painting allows me to explore this uncertainty as a state of mind, and create new compositional narratives from photographs of where I grew up, as well as places I only pass through. Through collage I carefully deconstruct imagery to create a detachment from an initial meaning. These new images reflect on the changeability of awareness and vulnerability of memory, when influenced by time.  

The recognizable parts of the images intend to be like “anchors” directing the sense of the orientation in the paintings. Altering the limits of our perception, the present is in a continuous state of becoming, which is signalled by the areas that appear without dimension. The line between the 'emptiness' and the edges of form suggest the spheres of our knowledge that are not fully formed and moments when memories are not yet recognised and before sensory experiences and reasoning start shaping them.